Application Process Application Process

Once you have submitted your application to council, applicants will be notified by mail if they are successful or not.

Applicants will be scored on their merit and the content of their application and selection criteria.

Applicants will then be shortlisted for interviews


The selection panel will do whatever they can to meet any special requirements you have to enable you to attend the interview, such as building access or communication assistance.  Inform the person arranging the interview.

If an interview is being conducted, the panel will follow a structured process, asking all applicants the same questions.  However, they may follow up or explore particular issues with applicants that arise from their applications and/or questions asked of them.  The questions are designed to gather information on how well you meet the selection criteria.

You may be asked two types of questions:  behavioural and situational.

  • Behavioural questions ask for examples of how you have handled certain situations in the past.
  • Situational questions focus on how you would handle a particular situation or aspect of the position.

Consider the type of questions you may be asked.  Your answers should accurately reflect your knowledge, skills and abilities.

After the interview, the selection panel will rate or assess your performance against each criteria and against the performance of other applicants.

Other selection techniques may be included in the process.  For example, you may be asked to provide examples of previous work or to participate in a work test.

The panel will contact your named referees.  Make sure you have nominated at least three referees who can support your claims regarding your skills, knowledge, experience, training and abilities in relation to the selection criteria of the role for which you have applied.  Get your referees’ permission before nominating them.  Give them copies of your application and the selection criteria so that they are better able to speak on your behalf.

Notification of Appointment

The successful applicant is notified first after the selection decision is confirmed.  All other applicants are then notified by a letter of the selection decision.

If you need more information or clarification about the selection process or the advertised role, please contact Carpentaria Shire Council’s Human Resource Coordinator.