Road & Air Travel Permits

Permits to Cease

Carpentaria Shire Council has today announced it will cease the road and air travel permits as of 12noon this Friday 22nd May 2020 as COVID-19 restrictions are eased by the Queensland Government.

Council processed over 1200 applications over the past few months, which enabled management to be able to track movements of people into our shire. The implementation of this system, to keep the elderly and vulnerable population within our shire safe, meant council was able to monitor departures and arrivals in the shire to ensure COVID-19 did not reach our small community.

Council is happy to report that there were no active COVID -19 cases over the course of the permit system and with only 12 active cases remaining in the State, we are heading in the right direction. 

People are encouraged to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene and other health regulations and directions. We encourage people to download the COVIDSafe app to keep up to date.

As we near stage 2 of Queensland Governments easing of restrictions on the 12th June, Council feels the shire is now is a position to be able to lift the permit regulations without hindering the safety of our town and our residents.  

CEO Mark Crawley said “the community was very supportive in following the permit process in place and for that we would like to extend our thanks”.

“It is time for us to now focus on re-building our tourism and as the restrictions continue to ease over the coming months, change our focus to re-building economic stability within our town”.

“Our local businesses have taken a hit during this pandemic and it is important we all rally together to re-build the essential foundations of what makes us a town to visit” he said.

“We have so much to offer as a destination and we need to start looking forward”.



Carpentaria Shire Council

Thursday, 21 May 2020
Media Release