Carpentaria Shire Council policies Carpentaria Shire Council policies

Carpentaria Shire Council strives for open, transparent and accountable governance for the community. In accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012 the following policies are available for public viewing.

If you have any queries regarding the policies available, please contact Council.

Current Policies

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2018 - 2019 Concealed Water Leak Policy - POL_E_CSF_016.pdf
2018 - 2019 Debt Policy - POL_E_CSF_004.pdf
2018 - 2019 Investment Policy - POL_E_CSF_013.pdf
2018 - 2019 Revenue Policy - POL_E_CSF_006.pdf
2018-2019 Rates Based Financial Assistance Policy POL_E_CSF_017.pdf
2018-2019 Revenue Statement.pdf
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Policy and Guidelines - POL_E_EXGC_005.pdf
Anti Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy - POL_E_HR_017.pdf
Asset Disposal Policy - POL_I_CSF_018.pdf
Carpentaria Shire Council Code of Conduct-POL_E_CSH.pdf
Code of Conduct for Councillors Policy - POL_E_EXGC_011.pdf
Community Donation and Support Guidelines - GDL_E_CSC.pdf
Community Donations and Support Policy - POL_E_CSC_004.pdf
Community Engagement Policy - POL_E_CSC_001.pdf
Community Engagement Policy Guidelines - GDL_E_CSC_001.pdf
Complaints Policy - POL_E_CSA_002.pdf
Complaints about the Public Official Policy - POL_E_CSA_014.pdf
Confidentiality Policy - POL_E_EXGC_002.pdf
Councillor Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Resources Policy - POL_E_CSA_005.pdf
Councillor Remuneration Policy - POL_I_ADM_001.pdf
Disciplinary Action Policy POL_I_HR_021.pdf
Drug and Alcohol Policy - POL_I_E_HR_003.pdf
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy - POL_I_EXGC_010.pdf
Gifts and Benefits Policy - POL_E_EXGC_001.pdf
Grievance Management Policy POL_I_HR_006.pdf
Information Privacy Policy - POL_E_CSA_009.pdf
Investigation Policy POL_E_EXGC_012.pdf
Local Preference Policy - POL_I_CSF_014.pdf
Passenger Vehicle Fleet Policy - POL_I_ENWF_005.pdf
Pensioner Housing Policy - POL_E_CSC_005.pdf
Private Works Policy POL_I_ENWF_003.pdf
Procurement Policy - POL_E_CSF_007.pdf
Public Interest Disclosure Policy - POL_E_EXGC_006.pdf
Rates and Charges Debt Policy POL_E_CSF_010.pdf
Recruitment and Selection Policy - POL_I_HR_004.pdf
Restoration of Essential Public Assets Policy - POL_E_CSF_015.pdf
Risk Management Policy - POL_I_EXGC_003.pdf
Staff Housing Policy - POL_I_E_HR_002.pdf
Standing Orders for Council Meetings Policy - POL_I_CSA_017.pdf
Sundry Debt Recovery Policy POL_E_CSF_005.pdf
Workplace Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy POL_I_HR_011.pdf
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