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Water levels have peaked in Normanton and Karumba during the past week and are now falling. Falls of 1m and 600mm have been recorded at Glenore and Normanton over the past 72 hours and with no additional inflows into the catchments, similar falls are expected to continue. Based on the current rate of falls in river heights, the road to Karumba is expected to reopen within the next week and the road to Cairns within the next 2 weeks. The LDMG have scaled back aerial inspections and are currently working with rural property owners to assist with fodder and fuel drops. Unless there are any unforeseen circumstances, this will be the last River Height Update for this event. Mike Hayward Local Disaster Coordinator 08:30am Tuesday 19th February 2019


DISASTER ASSISTANCE EXTENDED FOR FLOOD-AFFECTED FARMERS IN BURKE AND CARPENTARIA Assistant Minister for Home Affairs Senator the Hon. Linda Reynolds and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk have today extended assistance grants of up to $75,000 to flood-affected primary producers in Burke and Carpentaria. Assistant Minister Reynolds said the assistance was being provided through the jointly funded Commonwealth-Queensland Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). “The ongoing flood emergency in Queensland continues to impact more disaster-weary farmers, devastating livestock and destroying crops,” the Assistant Minister said. “It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of cattle in the north and west of Queensland have been killed as result of this record-breaking flood, and primary producers in Burke and Carpentaria are now in the impact zone. “That’s why we have extended access to grants of up to $75,000 for impacted primary producers in these areas, and are making them immediately available to support their critical needs. “This latest extension now provides flood-affected primary producers in 11 local government areas access to these grants. “The Commonwealth and Queensland governments continue to work closely to ensure communities are receiving the support they need.” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the heartbreak of the enormity of the stock losses suffered in Queensland would stay with her for a long time. “As the flooding impact extends further north-west, the shires of Burke and Carpentaria have been identified as also suffering significant stock losses and impacts to property, similar to those experienced elsewhere in western Queensland,” Premier Palaszczuk said. “The Flinders River in the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria has caused devastation and substantial stock losses for properties in the area. “Similarly, flooding in the Leichhardt River has resulted in damage and loss of stock for primary producers in the Burke Shire. “The grants that are already available in nine local government areas are now available to impacted primary producers in Burke and Carpentaria. “The Queensland and Commonwealth governments remain committed to supporting the vital agricultural sector and our struggling famers. “I would like to thank the Australian Government for working with Queensland so collaboratively to swiftly ensure we stand by people in the bush who are doing it tough.” The joint Commonwealth-Queensland DRFA grants of up to $75,000 are available to primary producers who have been severely impacted by recent flooding in Burdekin, Burke, Carpentaria, Cloncurry, Douglas, Flinders, Hinchinbrook, McKinlay, Richmond, Townsville and Winton. Media contacts: Nicky Hamer 0437 989 927 (Assistant Minister Reynolds) Kerryn Manifold 0428 510 973 (Premier Palaszczuk)


The main roads into Normanton from Cairns and Cloncurry remain closed due to flooding. Council understands that there is some speculation on social media regarding the length of time that the main roads will be closed. The following information is provided to give some indication of the amount of time that the roads may be closed. Please note that the timeframes below are best estimates only and are based on historical data and local knowledge. Normanton to Cloncurry Road • The road to Cloncurry is currently closed at Walkers Bend. • The latest available data (as at 7pm Friday February 8) had flood waters at Walkers Bend at a record flood level of 16.75 metres, which is about 11.5 m above the bridge level on the Burke Development Road. • The water level in the Flinders River is falling very slowly and the bridge at Walkers Bend is expected to be impassable for at least the next 3 to 4 weeks. Normanton to Cairns • Roads are currently open from Cairns to the Norman River at Glenore. • Water levels have peaked at around 4.3 metres above the bridge at Glenore and are expected to commence to fall slowly by the weekend. • Once water levels start to fall it is expected that the bridge at Glenore may be open to traffic within the next 2 weeks. Members of the community should refer to the Bureau of Meteorology website ( for the latest river height information.


Isolated rural properties requiring resupply should contact their local supplier and make arrangements for supplies to be packaged and ready for collection and transport to your property by the LDMG. To assist with efficient resupply operations, all supplies are required to have the weight clearly marked on the packaging. The LDMG have made arrangements for collection and delivery of supplies on Wednesdays and Fridays each week. Properties are requested to contact either Virginia Edwards or Mike Hayward at the Carpentaria Shire Council to advise when they are ordering supplies and arrangements can then be made for delivery on the next nominated delivery day. Mike Hayward Local Disaster Coordinator 2:30pm Tuesday 12th February 2019


Transport routes to Normanton and Karumba have been cut due to rising floodwaters in the Flinders River, Norman River and Walkers Creek. Resupply arrangements are currently in place and supply of essential supplies will be delivered to Normanton and Karumba on a regular basis. Businesses should continue to make their own restocking and freight arrangements as normal and the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) will arrange for supplies to be transported across the Norman River. Please note that due to potential delays in delivery of some goods, business are requested to not order ice-cream or other similar perishables for the duration of resupply operations. Isolated rural properties requiring resupply should contact their local supplier and make arrangements for supplies to be packaged and ready for collection and transport to your property by the LDMG. To assist with efficient resupply operations, all supplies are required to have the weight clearly marked on the packaging. Rural properties will need to liaise with the LDMG to identify a suitable common day/s for delivery of supplies. Mr Bradley Hawkins has been appointed as the LDMG Resupply Coordinator and can be contacted on 0418451688. All other enquiries regarding resupply should be directed to the Carpentaria Shire Council. Mike Hayward Local Disaster Coordinator 7:00pm Tuesday 12th February 2019


Public Advice from The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF): The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is aware there could be potential impact to agricultural properties throughout the region from the recent severe weather event. If you have incurred any production damage to your property, require agricultural advice or wish to report any animal welfare issues please call the DAF Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.


Carpentaria Shire Council is inviting Expressions of Interest for the Supply and Delivery of Transport for the 2018/2019 Re-supply Operations. For further enquiries please contact Council's Director Corporate Services, Oliver Pring on (07) 4745 2200.