Disaster & Emergency

The Carpentaria Shire is prone to hazardous weather conditions and therefore, in order for Council to ensure a safe, effective and efficient response to a disaster event, it is important to have effective and coordinated disaster management arrangements at all levels of Government to result in successful recovery.

The Carpentaria Local Disaster Management Plan details the disaster management arrangements for the area, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies involved in disaster management.

In accordance with the Local Disaster Management Plan, Council have also implemented an Evacuation Plan.

Council is working hard to ensure the region is ready for disaster and it is important that you are prepared as well. By being prepared and informed you can significantly reduce the impacts of disasters to you, your family and your property. Residents can access helpful information in The Carpentaria Disaster Information Booklet.

To view the disaster management plans and information booklet, please see the document portal below.

Disaster Management Plans and Information Booklet

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Carpentaria Shire - Disaster Handbook.pdf 986.62 KB PDF 23rd October 2019
2 Carpentaria Shire Council - Local Recovery Plan v1.3.pdf 2.20 MB PDF 11th May 2021
3 Carpentaria Shire Evacuation Plan.pdf 3.23 MB PDF 23rd October 2019
4 Carpentaria Shire Local Disaster Management Plan 2019.pdf 2.28 MB PDF 13th December 2019
5 Disaster Management Film.pdf 492.05 KB PDF 9th February 2021

Coronavirus Publications and Advice

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Carpentaria Shire Council Air Travel Request - Coronavirus Advice .pdf 722.47 KB PDF 27th March 2020
2 Carpentaria Shire Council Road Travel Request - Coronavirus Specific.pdf 871.64 KB PDF 27th March 2020
3 cleaning-poster.pdf 127.92 KB PDF 20th March 2020
4 Coronavirus advice Media Release 19 March 2020.pdf 136.60 KB PDF 20th March 2020
5 Coronavirus restrictions to Age care Facilities.pdf 109.24 KB PDF 20th March 2020
6 Coronavirus State and Federal Support to Small Businesses .pdf 28.20 KB PDF 20th March 2020
7 Coronavirus_A4_v2 (1).pdf 489.53 KB PDF 20th March 2020
8 Gidgee Healing Normanton Advice regarding Coronavirus (1).pdf 57.56 KB PDF 20th March 2020
9 Information for First Nations Communities - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) .pdf 1.12 MB PDF 20th March 2020
10 Media Release - Local Disaster Management Group - Road Closure.pdf 109.80 KB PDF 24th March 2020
11 qh-handwashing-12-step-guide-poster.pdf 506.84 KB PDF 20th March 2020
12 qh-stop-spread-germs-poster.pdf 109.00 KB PDF 20th March 2020
13 Tips for Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety.pdf 94.04 KB PDF 20th March 2020