New Discover Carpentaria Website

An opportunity for Businesses, Services, Clubs and Schoold to be featured on the Discover Carpentaria Website.

The information for the website is required to be provided by the local business, service, club or school if it is to be featured. Some basic information has been included on the website to kick it off. If you wish to provie the information about your Business, Service, Club or School please forward to

Access to the website can be found following the link below.

Fact Sheets

Council is in the process of developing a number of Fact Sheets to assist the community with relevant information about doing business with Council.

As Fact Sheets are developed they will be made available in this area.

Fact Sheets

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Fact Sheet - Abandoned Vehciles.pdf 194.99 KB PDF 28th April 2021