Impounded Animals

All impounded animals are held at one of Council's Animal Pound Facilities (either Normanton or Karumba) for a maximum of 5 days if registered, and 3 days if unregistered. After this time animals may be rehomed or euthanised. A list of the animals that are currently in the Council's Animal Pound Facilities are in the table below.

If we find your pet with any type of identification and/or registration tag, you will be contacted by the Council Ranger.

Care is taken to update this register with all of the animals that are currently impounded, however if you are looking for a missing animal you should also contact the Council on Phone: (07) 4745 2200 during opening hours (Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5pm).

All impounded animal pictures are also placed on the noticeboard near the Post Office and posted on Council's Facebook page.


  • No Dogs in pound


  • No Dogs in Pound