Permits, Licences and Approvals

Under s 28 of the Local Government Act 2009, "a local government may make and enforce any local law that is necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of its local government area". Council is also responsible for enforcing a number State Government Acts, referred to collectively as "Local Government Acts".

As part of this regulatory framework, Council approval is required for certain activities, referred to as "prescribed activities", to ensure that they are undertaken in a way that:

  • does not adversely affect Council's assets or infrastructure;
  • minimises health and safety risks to the public;
  • reduces the potential for the activity to become a nuisance.

Applications to undertake prescribed activities must be made in the approved form and can be found here. Application and approval fees can be found in the Commercial and Regulatory Fees and Charges schedule as set by Council.

Please note that the applicant for a permit, licence or approval must be a legal entity (e.g. individual person(s) or company). A business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the permit, licence or approval holder.

If you have any queries or require additional information, please contact Council.