Council is committed to providing an open and accountable local government. We value all feedback given to Council as it helps us continually improve our service to customers. The complaints management process ensures the transparent, effective and timely resolution of all complaints.

Steps in the process:

  1. Council receives a complaint. The complainant will receive acknowledgement of the complaint either verbally or written (depending on the circumstances).
  2. The complaint will be designated to an appropriate Manager or Director to investigate.
  3. Once a decision has been made based on the evidence from the investigation, the complainant will be notified (in writing) of the complaint outcome or of further works to be scheduled as a result of the complaint.

For more details about the Carpentaria Shire Council's Complaints Process, please see the Council's Complaints Policy.

Lodging a complaint:

To make a complaint to Council:

  • Contact Council on (07) 4745 2200.
  • Write to Council – PO Box 31, Normanton QLD 4890.
  • Email Council at
  • Contact Council using the Contact Us page on the website.
  • Complete the Customer Feedback Form below and return to Council.

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Form 110 - Fraud Allegation Reporting Form.pdf 102.83 KB PDF 17th January 2018
2 Form 312 - Customer Feedback Form.pdf 93.54 KB PDF 5th April 2016