Councillor Conduct Register

Council have adopted a revised version of the Councillor Code of Conduct. Within this document the standards of behavior expected for Councillors of Carpentaria Shire are set out.

The code also demonstrates Council's commitment to performing all responsibilities under the Act in accordance with the local government principles:

  • transparent and effective processes, and decision-making in the public interest; and
  • sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, and delivery of effective services; and
  • democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement; and
  • good governance of, and by, local government; and
  • ethical and legal behavior of Councillors.

Follow the link to view the Code of Conduct for Councillors.

Complaints about inappropriate conduct, material personal interets or conflicts of interests of Councillors may be made pursuant to the Local Government Act 2009.

Under section 181 of the Local Government Act 2009 Council are required to maintain a register for Complaints against Councillors. Please see the below document portal for a copy of the Complaints Against Councillors Register.

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Complaints Against Councillors Register - December 2022.pdf 165.13 KB PDF 9th December 2022
2 Complaints Against Councillors Register as at 21 January 2022.pdf 122.78 KB PDF 21st January 2022
3 Complaints Against Councillors Register March 2021.pdf 119.47 KB PDF 8th March 2021