Disaster Management Plan

The Carpentaria Shire is not immune to natural disasters. Whilst these types of events are not common we cannot afford to become complacent. The key to effective disaster response and recovery is the resilience of the community and the willingness of people to work together for the benefit of the community.

The Carpentaria Shire through the work of the Local Disaster Management Group will maintain their commitment to effective disaster management for the Shire. To be effective, our disaster management planning must be a moving feast, we learn from events in the Shire and we examine the actions of other shires to ensure that we improve and adapt to changes, such as the expectations of the community and climate change.

This Disaster Management Plan is a plan for the community. To be truly effective we must draw on the collective knowledge of the community to develop a plan that is suitable and effective.

The purpose of the Carpentaria Shire Disaster Management Plan is to address the disaster management needs of the Carpentaria Shire.

This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring that community risks related to events are effectively identified and managed;
  • Ensuring that risks requiring District level support are identified and communicated to the District Level;
  • Ensuring that local government and local groups comply with their disaster management obligations under the Disaster Management Act 2003 (the Act); and
  • other purposes related to disaster management the local government determines.

The plan ensures that community risks relating to disaster events, or events that affect the wellbeing of the community are identified and effectively managed.

The plan is to detail the arrangements and responsibilities between response agencies, supporting government and non-government organisations.

The objective of the plan is to ensure that risks requiring District level support are identified and communicated to District level.

The Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is established under s. 29 of the the Disaster Management Act 2003 (the Act).