General Rates Information

When are Rates Payable?

Council levies rates and charges half yearly generally in the months of February and August.

Council offers a 10% discount off most rates and charges and has a 30 day period in which to pay rates. It is very important that ratepayers do not risk their discounts by leaving payment until it is too late. If you are posting your rates payment, please ensure sufficient time to allow for any potential postal delays.

General Rates

General rates help cover the cost of providing and maintaining roads, streets, footpaths, bridges, drainage, parks, playing fields, cemeteries, libraries, swimming pools, halls, playgrounds, public dumping facilities, street lighting, public toilets, noxious weed and pest control, health and building control, economic development and Shire planning services, television relay services and many other services and facilities.

Council's general rates are calculated in the same way as other Councils throughout Queensland under the Local Government Act 2009. The formula is:

Unimproved capital valuation (issued by the State Government)

Multiplied by

Rate in the dollar (set by Council)

Subject to a minimum charge (set by Council)

Councils throughout Queensland are required by the Local Government Act 2009 to use the valuation amounts (which are an unimproved value) as a basis for calculating general rates.

Should you wish to object to your valuation, or have a query regarding the land valuation, its calculation or land use, please contact the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Utility Charges

Under s 94 of the Local Government Act 2009, Council levies rates for utility charges including:

Sewerage; applies to each property that is connected to Council's sewerage system or is within the defined sewerage area.

Cleansing; applies to properties within the Council refuse collection area. Cleansing charges cover the costs of Council providing the use of a wheelie bin, collecting your rubbish from your property and taking it to a waste facility.
Wheelie Bins can be repaired or replaced when needed (due to general wear and tear). Complete the Replacement Wheelie Bin Application Form and return to the council office. 

Water; applies to each property that is connected to the Council's water supply system or that is within the areas where the water supply is available.

Have You Moved Recently?

To ensure the prompt delivery of your rates notice and to avoid missing out on your discount, please keep Council informed about your current postal address. You can do this by phone (07) 4745 2200 or email to rates@carpentaria.qld.gov.au

Make a Payment

Please contact your participating Bank, Credit Union or Building Society to make a payment from your Cheque or Savings Account or by MasterCard or Visa. Biller Code is 334383 and your Reference Number is shown on the front of your notice.

Present your notice to the Customer Service Officer, Administration Office 29-33 Haig St Normanton. EFTPOS facilities are available and office hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday – Friday.

Remove the bottom portion of your Rate Notice and mail with your payment to Carpentaria Shire Council, PO Box 31, Normanton Qld 4890.

Credit Card facilities are available for telephone payments. Cards accepted are MasterCard and Visa. Telephone (07) 4745 2200 during office hours.

Having Difficulty Paying?

Council recognises that some ratepayers may experience financial difficulties in meeting their rate commitments on time. A ratepayer may at any time make application to pay off their outstanding accounts by regular payments (subject to guidelines). For more information contact our Rates Officer on (07) 4745 2200.

Pensioner Rebates

Council will provide the State and also a Council rate remission to eligible pensioners or DVA equivalent pensioners, pursuant to the Local Government Act 2009.

The State Government rebate is a maximum of $200 per annum.

Council's remission is 30% on all rates and charges (except excess water charges) with a qualifying residency period of at least 10 years within the Shire boundary. The applicant must hold a Pensioner Concession Card and be of pensionable age for qualifying for an aged pension under the Australian Government guidelines.

Any arrears of rates and charges associated with the residential allotment must be paid in full before a Pensioner becomes entitled to receive the rate remission. This policy is in accordance with State Government Pension Remission Guidelines. Please complete the Pensioner Rates Subsidy form at the bottom of the page and return to the Council Office.

Rates Forms and Fact Sheets

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Form 306 - Wheelie Bin Request.pdf 109.54 KB PDF 7th June 2016
2 Form 308 - Change of Address.pdf 66.12 KB PDF 7th June 2016
3 Form 309 - Electronic Issue Of Rate Notice Consent.pdf 66.47 KB PDF 25th August 2016
4 Form 310 - Application To Pay By Arrangement.pdf 82.35 KB PDF 9th February 2018
5 Form 311 - Pensioner Rebate Application.pdf 223.40 KB PDF 2nd May 2024
6 Form 316 - Concealed Water Leak Application.pdf 121.14 KB PDF 2nd November 2017
7 Two-Part Water Tariff - FACT SHEET - 2023-2024.pdf 353.44 KB PDF 10th November 2023

Property Search Request Form

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Form 307 - Property Search Request Form.pdf 113.65 KB PDF 29th June 2018

Revenue Statement

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 2019-2020 Revenue Statement.pdf 6.89 MB PDF 26th August 2019
2 2020-2021 Revenue Statement.pdf 7.60 MB PDF 16th September 2022
3 2021-2022 Revenue Statement.pdf 7.95 MB PDF 16th July 2021
4 2022-2023 Revenue Statement.pdf 339.46 KB PDF 12th September 2022
5 2023-2024 Revenue Statement.pdf 331.60 KB PDF 30th August 2023