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Community Grants and Donations

Carpentaria Shire Council recognises that supporting the community through financial and in-kind assistance is necessary for the provision of a diverse range of economic development aspirations of organisations and individuals within the Carpentaria community through the Community Donations and Support Program. Types of support offered through this program includes hall hire fee waiver, photocopying free of charge, monetary donations, and provision of plant and equipment for community events just to name a few.

To be eligible for this support, the following criteria should be met:

  • The requested support must provide a direct benefit to the Carpentaria community
  • The applicant must be based in the Carpentaria Shire Council (Council) region, have a membership base within the Carpentaria Shire, or be delivering a service which will be of direct benefit to members of the Carpentaria community
  • Applicants must agree to comply with conditions which Council may apply to the support provided, for example, provision of a not for profit organisation's financial statements or evidence of public acknowledgment of Council's support.

The following applications which will generally be considered ineligible include:

  • The applicant is a political organisation
  • The applicant has previously received support and has failed to meet the conditions of that support
  • The applicant has an outstanding debt with Council
  • The project is for a private commercial (for profit) activity
  • The project does not provide a direct benefit to the Carpentaria community
  • The application is for retrospective support
  • The request is for maintenance of community facilities that are owned by Council.  These requests are to be referred to the relevant operational area of Council
  • The community organisation has a lease agreement of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Council and the requested support is included as a term of that agreement or MOU.

Applications must be submitted on the Community Donations and Support Request Form (electronic or hard copy) to Council at least two months prior to the time of the event or support being required by the applicant.

The applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Preference will be given to applicants that demonstrate strong community benefit or need and support for a project or activity
  • Each application will be considered on its merit having consideration for the total community benefit and funding available from Council's operational budget
  • The assessment of applications will be conducted in a transparent and accountable manner in accordance with this policy.

To apply for a community donation and/or support, please complete the Application Form and return to the Community and Cultural Services team.

For all enquiries relating to the Community Donations and Support Program, please contact the Community and Cultural Services team on (07) 4745 2200.

Policy and Guidelines

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Community Grants, Donation and Support Policy - POL_E_CSC_004.pdf 173.08 KB PDF 22nd February 2024


# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Community Grants Acquittal Form.pdf 6.96 MB PDF 22nd February 2024
2 Form 402 - Application for Community Donations and Support.pdf 165.81 KB PDF 23rd October 2019