Dining Out

Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

Albion Hotel 37/39 Haig Street, Normanton

Central Hotel 106/104-106 Landsborough Street, Normanton

Purple Pub Brolga Palms Motel 92 Landsborough Street, Normanton

Gulfland Motel And Caravan Park 11 Landsborough Street, Normanton

Sunset Tavern 2 Ward Street, Karumba

The Anchorage Bar and Cafe (End of the Road Motel) 26 Palmer Street, Karumba

The Animal Bar (Karumba Lodge Hotel) 44 Yappar Street, Karumba

Ash’s At The Point Cafe & Store 21 Palmer Street, Karumba

Barra Bites Cafe (Barramundi Discovery Centre) 149 Yappar Street, Karumba

Micks Cafe (Spar Supermarket) 63 Yappar Street, Karumba

PLEASE NOTE: Opening hours are seasonal. Check venue websites and Facebook for operating times. Bookings are advised during peak tourism season.