Animal Registration

All residents of Normanton and Karumba must register their dogs. 

Why do I have to register my dog?

It is easier for Council Rangers to identify lost dogs and return them to their owners if the dogs are registered. Registration also helps to reduce the number of feral dogs and their effects on our environment and wildlife.

How much does it cost to register my dog?

Council reviews the fees and charges annually. Currently, registration of dogs is:

  • Male/Female per dog - $22.00
  • Desexed Male or Female per dog - $11.00
  • Aged Person Dog (Limit to one dog - guide dogs no fee) - $4.00
  • For ownership of more than two dogs, a one-time fee of $220 is applicable, subject to Council approval. Please consult the following section ‘what if I have more than two dogs' for additional details.

What happens if I don't register my dog?

Council Rangers will be conducting spot-checks of properties, parks and reserves. Owners with unregistered dogs may receive fines as well as incur higher fees to have the animal released from the pound.

What do I have to do to register my dog?

Complete the Animal Registration Form from at the bottom of the page and drop it at Council office in either Karumba or Normanton. 

Do I still have to fill in the form if my dog is currently registered?

Registration forms are mailed out to owners with current dog registrations. If the details are correct, there is a section that can be signed and the form is to be returned to Council. If your details are not correct a new registration form needs to be completed so that the information in our system is up to date. This will help Council Rangers to identify lost pets and return them to their families.

*As at the October 2013 Councillor Meeting, the decision was made that CATS DO NOT have to be registered - although they still need to be microchipped for identification purposes.

What if I have more than two dogs?

  1. Complete Form 204 and submit it to the Council Office. (Note: Only complete Form 205 if necessary.)
  2. Your form will be reviewed for approval at the upcoming monthly Council meeting.
  3. Upon approval, you will be notified. A one-time fee of $220 per additional dog will be required.

Other Animals

Information about applications to keep other animals is detailed in Part 2 (Approvals for Prescribed Activities) of Local Law No.1 (Administration) 2015. For more detail see the Prescribed Activities page under Licences, Permits & Approvals.

For more information, view our Fact Sheet or please call (07) 4745 2200 or visit the Council offices. 

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2 Form 204 - Keeping of Animals.pdf 167.92 KB PDF 23rd February 2024
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