Biosecurity Plan

Invasive plants and animals have a significant impact on the environment, the economy (agriculture) and the community (culture, recreation, human health and social amenity).

The Biosecurity Act 2014 (the Act) sets out a legal framework for the management of invasive plants and animals across the state of Queensland. The Biosecurity Act 2014 mandates that Local Government must have a biosecurity plan for the management of Invasive Biosecurity Matter within its Local Government Area and is responsible for ensuring Invasive Biosecurity Matter is managed within its Local Government Area, in compliance with the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Under the Act, land managers, industry, the community and all levels of Government who deals with Invasive Biosecurity Matter or a carrier, or carries out an activity which poses a Biosecurity Risk, of causing a Biosecurity Event, to a Biosecurity Consideration, have a General Biosecurity Obligation to take all “Reasonable and Practical” measures to prevent or minimise that risk and adverse effects, to that Biosecurity Consideration.

The input of obligated stakeholders from across all sectors of the community is essential and has been drawn on through the development of the Carpentaria Shire Biosecurity Plan 2019.

The Carpentaria Shire Biosecurity Plan 2019 contains an integrated planning framework, which aims to facilitate communication, planning and commitment to “reasonable and practical” levels of management among all obligated stakeholders across the Local Government Area, in compliance with the Act.

The Plans integrated framework includes a linking five-year action plan and concludes with a review and evaluation process to monitor the adoption and effectiveness of the plans programs and actions to meet invasive biosecurity matter obligations listed under the Biosecurity Act 2014.


Biosecurity Plan

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1 Carpentaria Shire Biosecurity Plan 2019.pdf 4.15 MB PDF 17th June 2020
2 Carpentaria Shire Council_Pest Animals Incentive Program.pdf 1.16 MB PDF 17th June 2020
3 Carpentaria Shire Council_Pest Plant Incentive Program.pdf 1.38 MB PDF 17th June 2020
4 Carpentaria_5 year action plan.pdf 1.20 MB PDF 17th June 2020