Corporate Plan

Corporate Plans are designed to help guide the future direction of a Council and this plan aims to do just that. It is intended to provide a clear path for our Council to follow over the next 5 years. We will use this plan to chart our course on the big decisions that need to be made on behalf of our region during that time.

In developing this Corporate Plan, we have been guided by the expectations of our community. After all, as a Council we are here to represent our community and to provide important services and leadership that supports our community. As such, we are going to focus on delivering the outcomes, in partnership with our community, that were identified as critical in the first Carpentaria Community Plan.

At a Council level, we also need to continue to strive to deliver value for money and ensure we have good systems in place to provide the accountability, openness and the responsiveness required by our community. The commitment of our Council is to continue to make the Carpentaria region a great place where people want to live and enjoy all that the region offers.

While we will forever be respectful of our rich and diverse history and culture, this Corporate Plan is mainly about our future. This Plan will guide our decision making as a Council to ensure that we remain a region which maintains our community's unique lifestyles and has a vibrant and sustainable future.

To view a copy of the Carpentaria Shire Council Corporate Plan please see below.

For more information please contact Council or phone (07) 4745 2200.

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Corporate Plan 2021-2025.pdf 2.64 MB PDF 2nd January 2022
2 Superseded - Carpentaria Shire Council Corporate Plan 2012 - 2017.pdf 1.35 MB PDF 5th April 2016
3 Superseded - Carpentaria Shire Council Corporate Plan 2017 - 2022.pdf 67.74 KB PDF 13th September 2017