Effluent Irrigation Upgrade


Effluent irrigation upgrade 2With funding provided through the Works 4 Queensland COVID program the Council was able to make some needed changes to the Effluent Irrigation system at the Normanton Sewerage Treatment Plant.

Manager Water and Waste Ben Hill said, “The project involved cleaning up the existing system and creating a cleared access path as well as installing irrigation flumes. It has allowed operations staff to disperse the treated effluent more evenly across the irrigation zone, enabling us to better meet our licence requirements”.

The upgrade has been on the books for a while and the release of the COVID Works 4 Queensland funding has allowed Council to complete this work sooner than would have been possible through our own financial means.

Works 4 Queensland does Work 4 Carpentaria as we have said many times.

Effluent irrigation upgrade 1

Normanton stp signage