LRCIP Projects Announced


Council has received confirmation that the projects submitted for completion under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCIP) have been accepted by the Federal Government.

Three projects have been selected in the Karumba area under this phase of the funding. This is the third phase and phases one and two were projects in the Normanton area.

Mayor Jack Bawden said, “after allocating funds from LRCIP phases one and two in the Normanton area it was only logical that the LRCIP phase three allocation be spent on projects in Karumba.”

The projects are listed below: -

Karumba Point Foreshore Protection      $1,000,000

Karumba Point to Town Walking Track    $73,000

New Park – Karumba (Barnett St)           $350,000

“The funding provided direct to Council, without matching contributions, by the Federal Government under LRCIP allow us to complete projects that would not have been possible if we had to cover with our own source revenue” Mayor Bawden said.

The North West has been very fortunate with a focus on the Development of Northern Australia from Hon David Littleproud MP Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia and the funding Council has received through efforts from Senator Susan McDonald, Special Envoy for Northern Australia and Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Hon Scott Buchholz MP and this has been well received and has funded a number of important projects for our small remote Council.

We remain ready to deliver on the projects that have received this much needed financial injection and the people of the North will benefit from the additional road funding and the extra project funds for other critical infrastructure.

“Programs that provide funding directly from the Commonwealth to Local Government are well received and put to good use. Roads to Recovery started as a stimulus and still continues, we hope that the LRCIP funding continues also. Local Government certainly appreciates it”, Mayor Bawden said.