Cemetery Beautification - Normanton and Karumba


Council would like to start a beautification program involving Cemeteries in Normanton and Karumba townships.  The beautification could include landscaping, minor building works, such as shade structures and fencing.  It is important to develop a plan to enable officers to source grant funding. Officers are working with a concept designer who specialises in design works for cemeteries to develop long term plans for both Cemeteries. The concept designer visited the shire in July to inspect both the cemeteries to produce a proposal for Councils consideration.The first draft of the concept designs have been provided we would love to get your feedback.  Large, printed concept plans can be viewed at;

The Normanton Burns Philip Building

The Normanton Admin Building

The Karumba Admin building; and

The Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre.

Smaller A3 prints will also be placed around several businesses in both Normanton and Karumba for your convenience.

You can provide feedback by emailing Council at council@carpentaria.qld.gov.au or contacting Julianne Meier on 0417 337 547.

Karumba landscapeNormantan landscapeMaster plan