Community Plan - Report Card


In 2012 the Council adopted a Community Plan outlining the Focus for the Council for the 10 years from 2012 through to 2022. As 2022 has now drawn to a close we have prepared a Report Card outlining the achievements to date and identifying those areas that still require focus and advocacy.

The Report Card provides a red, yellow, green highlight on the community comments and the Focus areas identified from 10 years ago. The Community Plan was required to be adopted by Council under legislation but in 2015 the requirement to have a 10-year plan was removed from the legislation.

Council has adopted the Report Card to provide feedback to the community members who contributed to its development and to ensure the community that plans such as this do not just become dust collectors and are utilised to plan and provide for the community.

Mayor Jack Bawden said “the Focus areas that still require implementation and advocacy efforts from the Council will be picked up in the Tourism Strategy, Economic Development Strategy and a new Advocacy Action Plan.”

“There are many great initiatives that still remain a Focus for Council and these continue to be worked on and will not be lost now that 2022 has passed”, he said.

We want to thank the many community members who contributed to the development of the Community Plan in 2011 and 2012 and especially thank the children who contributed the drawings of what they wanted their Shire to look like.

We commend the Carpentaria Community Plan 2012-2022 – Report Card to you and copies are available on the Council website at the following link