Biosecurity Plan

The North West Queensland Regional Biosecurity Plan (the plan), was agreed to be developed by the North West  Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) to establish a catchment approach to the management of invasive biosecurity matter. The plan sets out the strategic direction of all stakeholders in a cooperative  and collaborative way so that all efforts are directed towards the same agreed priorities.

The General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO) is the principle obligation under the Act and requires a person to take  action to minimise biosecurity risks. The management of invasive biosecurity matter is a shared responsibility of all land managers, industry, the community, and all levels of government. While primary responsibility rests with the land manager, collective action which engages all stakeholders is best practice, particularly for mobile species. This plan delivers achievable objectives to ensure all landholders in the region actively undertake invasive  biosecurity matter control, have agreed risk management strategies in place to ensure reduced movements  of invasive biosecurity matter from their properties, which is supported by encouragement and incentives. Stakeholders will invest resources in a collaborative approach to ensure both shire and regional  community priorities are addressed.

The Biosecurity Act 2014 (the Act) sets out a framework for the management of invasive biosecurity matter across Queensland. Section 53 of the Act mandates that Local Governments (LGs) must have a biosecurity plan for invasive biosecurity matter for its LG area. Section 55 allows for LGs to act concurrently for biosecurity planning, this plan sets priorities at the LG level, as well as the broader stakeholder level, of the combined nine (9) LGs of the NWQROC and Croydon shire Council, to meet their statutory requirement. Each LG has legislative power to ensure prohibited and restricted biosecurity matter are managed in their LG area. This document is supported by the broader North West Queensland Regional Weed and Pest Animal Strategy 2020-2024.

The development and implementation of this plan is based on the management principals of integration: public awareness, commitment, consultation and partnership, planning, prevention and early intervention, best practice, and improvement.

Biosecurity Plan

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