Sport & Recreation

Staying active is easy in the Gulf.

Swimming – important advice!
In the Gulf it is best to visit the local swimming pools and water parks in Normanton and Karumba to cool off in water. Never swim in the rivers and waterholes as there are plenty of saltwater and freshwater crocodiles about. Be croc-safe!

Karumba Heritage Walk

This 4km pathed walk is a chance to discover the history of Karumba and its surroundings. The walk goes between Karumba town and Karumba Point and includes many boardwalks for photographers and birdwatchers to capture stunning scenery, wildlife and sunsets.

Karumba Golf Club and Recreation Club

Karumba Development Road, Karumba
Phone: (07) 4745 9100 or (07) 4745 9751

Karumba Sports Centre and Gymnasium

Walker Street, Karumba
Phone: (07) 4745 9600

Karumba Swimming Pool & Water Park

Walker Street, Karumba
Charlie McShane: 0422 932 807

Karumba Gun Club

Karumba Point Road, Karumba

Normanton Bowls Club

Landsborough Street, Normanton

Normanton Golf Course         

Racecourse Road, Normanton
Phone: (07) 4745 2200

Normanton Gun Club

Old Croydon Road, Normanton
Phone: (07) 4745 1261 or (07) 4745 1342

Normanton Sports and Community Centre

Cnr Landsborough and Philp Streets
Phone: (07) 4745 1580

Normanton Rodeo Grounds and Racecourse

Racecourse Road, Normanton

Normanton Swimming Pool and Water Park

Cnr Landsborough and Philp Streets, Normanton
Charlie McShane: 0422 932 807

Normanton Swimming Club

Landsborough Street, Normanton
Mel Gallagher -

Carpentaria Horse Sports

Normanton Burketown Road, Normanton

Normanton Stingers Rugby League

Dwayne Savo, 0475 436 359  

Gulf United (Muddies) Rugby League Club

0417 630 333