Karumba Artifical Reefs

Reef deployment locations

Deployment of Artificial Reefs

Council has completed the deployment of two artificial reefs.

The deployment sites include:

  • Inshore Site: Located 8 nautical miles (15 kilometers) offshore from the boat ramp at Karumba, with a depth of approximately 5-6 meters at Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT).
  • Offshore Site: Positioned 18 nautical miles (32 kilometers) offshore, with a depth of approximately 10-12 meters at LAT.

Each structure weighs approximately 2,000 kilograms, with a total of 10 structures deployed—five at each location. Fish Attracting Devices (FADs) where also deployed on buoys which where attached to the structures. The FAD’s will attract additional bait fish and pelagic species.

Carpentaria Freight (Barge) and Wren Constructions (slewing crane) were instrumental in the successful deployment of the reef structures.

Approximate Deployment Locations:

Reef deployment locations 1

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