Economic Development Strategy

Carpentaria Shire Council has been working with the State Government to develop an Economic Diversification Strategy for the Shire. Councils Economic Development Strategy will emphasise the economic opportunities within our region and will be linked to the broader North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy.

Carpentaria Shire Council held a community meeting on the 26th and 27th September 2019 in Normanton and Karumba to discuss the proposed Carpentaria Shire Economic Development Strategy. Participants at the community meetings were asked to collectively reflect on the strengths, challenges and opportunities of Carpentaria Shire.

Council will establish a working committee to progress the Actions in the Action Plan which is still currently in draft until the Committee finalise the timeframes for Action. Further information can be obtained by contacting Councils Economic Development Department.

For more information please contact Council on 4745 2200

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# Name Size Type Date Download
1 2022 May Update -Regional Priorities and Opportunities.pdf 5.55 MB PDF 17th May 2022
2 2022 September - Projects Identified from the MIPP2 funding.pdf 2.77 MB PDF 3rd April 2023
3 2023 Outback by the Sea Tourism Strategy.pdf 2.00 MB PDF 27th February 2024
4 Carpentaria Shire Economic Development Strategy 2020 to 2025.pdf 480.81 KB PDF 26th February 2021
5 Economic Development Strategy Action Plan.pdf 1.23 MB PDF 4th December 2023
6 MIPP2 Carpentaria Road Network Report.pdf 100.67 MB PDF 15th September 2022
7 MIPP2 General Shire Information.pdf 1.31 MB PDF 15th September 2022
8 MIPP2 Karumba Town Plan Report.pdf 10.62 MB PDF 15th September 2022
9 MIPP2 Normanton Areas of Interest Report.pdf 34.36 MB PDF 15th September 2022
10 MIPP2 Raw Water Report.pdf 13.26 MB PDF 15th September 2022
11 TOR Carpentaria Shire Economic Development Advisory Committee Endorsed May 2024.pdf 422.71 KB PDF 21st May 2024