No excuse for abuse


At the February Meeting held in Normanton on Wednesday 15th February, Council was presented with a new Policy for consideration and adoption in relation to abuse against staff members from members of the community.

In recent months the level of abuse and disrespect shown towards our staff had increased to a level that the development of this policy was considered necessary.

Council endorsed the policy, and we will start to inform the community of its intent and the provisions contained in the policy.

Carpentaria Shire Council staff are brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, mums, and dads, some are even grandparents; they are members of the community, they often help with sporting and community groups, volunteer and are part of the community they live in. Our staff don’t deserve to be treated with aggression, abuse, and disrespect.

This policy is being developed to protect our staff and create a more respectful relationship between members of the public and the Carpentaria Shire Council employees.

Our staff will continue to provide service to the community that they serve in a respectful manner and record as much detail as possible of instances of abuse.

Community members can assist by treating staff with respect and refrain from any type of abusive behaviour.

There is no excuse for abuse.