Tenders & Procurement

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For more information on doing business with Carpentaria Shire Council check out our doing business with Council Information Sheet. 

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 Doing Business with Council.pdf 786.61 KB PDF 26th March 2020

Current Public Tenders

For all current Public Tenders released by Carpentaria Shire Council, click on the link below. It is strongly recommended to check for new public tenders weekly, and not to rely on system alerts.


Tender Advertisements

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 33-2022 Tender No 22-0560 - Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers - External Labour Hire Services.pdf 404.12 KB PDF 2nd November 2022

Expressions of Interest

# Name Size Type Date Download
1 05-2022 Expression of Interest No 22-0545 Management of the Carpentaria Shire Council Pools.pdf 417.10 KB PDF 21st January 2022
2 Helicopter Quotes 2021-2022.pdf 336.93 KB PDF 1st November 2021
3 Procurement Process Conditions.pdf 206.67 KB PDF 25th July 2022
4 Schedule of Rates - Helicopter Hire 2021-2022 Disaster Season.pdf 59.14 KB PDF 1st November 2021

Council's Standard Terms & Conditions

These are Council’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services. Council may incorporate these Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services into a contract with a supplier. However, the Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services will not apply to any engagement for which Council has provided a written contract incorporating alternative terms and conditions to the supplier.